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[ pascal ]:=phys. unit for pressure ...

For many years I have lived, not only privately, my SM passion. My working place here in Berlin is dark and discreet. It offers a secluded large outdoor area and four different, well-equipped play rooms, the perfect stage for SM-performances and bizarre experiences of the highest class.

I am a superior, elitist, and yet very active woman in person, in every outfit of classical dominance, I am the elegant embodiment of female superiority. My iron-blue eyes exude with every laugh a hankering for a possible play and my nails are perfect, clearly obvious , but never a predestined promise of future suffering.

As a dominatrix in latex or leather I'm the perfect explorer and regent of the many fantasies inside my studio. I love not only the appearance in latex and leather, but all varieties of the above. I have the best quality of the tools and equipment and I use them with absolute certainty and pleasure.

Today there may be a lot of studios that "do latex," but only to have stuff and to let the fragrance linger is never enough. They must also have in themselves the sense of purpose and to put to use delibrately. A fact for which I am now sufficiently known .

Don’t expect therefore a "fetish doll", whom against payment will do everything you wish for. My personality is diverse, decisive, ambitious and demanding.


Not for everyone ... that does not mean that I am arrogant. But I serve not any tendency. Would be probably very doubtful if all tendencies were united in one person, right?

I am
Experienced, but not jaded
Curious, but never careless
Playful, but bland
interested, but never indiscreet
Knowing, but always re-checking
Powerful, but still hungry
Tolerant, but always demanding
Close to the border, but not limitless
Practised, but not fixed
Beautiful, but not artificially
Stylish, but not narrow-minded

I am happy to help you, eye to eye, to realize your fantasies. Without having to prove myself to you. You will not find campy posturing or arrogance with me. But I have the right intuition, to let you feel what you can and will expect from me.

All my films out of my closed member-area contain real session footage and all that, what I do best. No acting, no models, no fakes, no compromises. From total rubber bondage, water ports, strict latex masks, hospital, whip breeding ... I know how to treat my playing partners.


Furthermore, I did not "sell" my member clips on any other platform, as it now seems to be common. What I offer in my members area is therefore totally exclusive.


Basically, I practice only the things I really enjoy themselves. So I exclude the following practices: KV, roman shower, vomit, intimate contact, wrestling matches and games with permanent damage.

A final word:
You expect privacy. For me this is natural in this sensitive area of the erotic. However, I expect you not to call me from an “anonymous” number, as I give you transparency on these pages, I expect the same from you when you contact me.


You can reach me Mondays through Fridays from 12 clock under

0049-(0)-172-899 4799


December 2010

Lady Pascal - Sublime Lady of the OWK